When we face a custom situation, we adapt to it and end up optimizing our approach which eventually leads to better performance and results. Why? Simply because we are able to understand our specific needs, our areas of improvement, and our strengths by escaping from our comfort zone.

Same goes for any business.

In order for a business to grow, it needs to be exposed to different scenarios where optimization of various business process is achieved through meaningful integrations or upgrades.

In the modern world, the crux of this optimization is software.

Software’s have become quintessential for any business looking…

Rapid innovation has become the new normal in the modern world. The most common area where we have been witnessing such transformation is the technological world.

By incorporating revolutionary technologies, companies do not just experience more efficiency and productivity, they also experience an enhanced way of approaching customers and addressing their needs, making stronger and better connections. Embracing such technologies gives a competitive edge to a business.

However, it is a bitter truth that you can never truly stay updated with the ever-changing norms of the industry. The need of the hour is that with the constantly changing demand, businesses…

As an organisation in the modern data-driven world, your choice of software can augment your company’s performance. And when it comes down to selecting the “right” software for your organisation, the choice, at the very core, is between two types of softwares — bespoke and off the shelf. There is a wide array of characteristics that define the extent of how useful software can be to a particular organisation, but the ultimate decision is subject to the individual business needs.

Another aspect that is imperative to consider apart from the usefulness of a software is its dependency on the core…

In the current covid19 crisis, we see more and more companies switching their work remotely. Many companies are forced to have their employees out of their offices and they take this opportunity to restructure their operations. Whether you decide to outsource or build yourself an offshore team, understanding the recipe and the available options to scale your team is key for the success of your operation.

For software outsourcing, Vietnam is a great place for such a project. The country is one of the top locations for outsourcing for 8 consecutive years (Tholons, 2009–2016), and it is the #3 in…

and Agile does not stand for less process

We have all seen the agile craze in the digital world. A method born from the inability of V-Cycle to respond to the volatility of customer requirements in a highly innovative domain. Contrary to what some people often think, agile is not the solution for less process, nor is it the ultimate solution for the success of your project.

This article assists you to ask yourself the right questions if you have to identify a methodology for your digital development project.


It is not necessary to define the agile approach and its…

The importance of choosing the right pricing structure cannot be stressed enough. The development of a bespoke software is a protracted journey which never happens as expected. Therefore, conflicts and risks are a common dilemma, especially in the software development world. With a high probability of such situations, it is imperative to choose a pricing model that brings a win-win situation to the table where the client and the service provider are both equally satisfied.

Primarily, there are two types of contracts in the software development industry — Time & Materials and Fixed Price.

A fixed price model is where…

Working with remote teams become the new normal

While most verticals face some reluctance in going remote due to certain restrictions, there is one crucial aspect of a Software Development Lifecycle that doesn’t require constant collaboration or mentorship. The process of Quality Control is essential throughout the SDLC to ensure the utmost quality of your digital deliverables from every aspect. The quality of a product reflects the quality of your organisation which is why Quality Control is paramount. It allows you to strive for perfection and set a benchmark for your services.

Quality Control is different from other roles involved in IT application development. It requires good analyzing…

Learning is a lifelong journey but our focus on completing the tasks at hand and waiting for the right opportunity to learn has restricted us all to embark on this journey. Moreover, the education system has become too mundane, especially in IT industry where innovation (New tools, new frameworks, new languages, new capabilities, etc…) change the game every day. Education system still remains primordial to acquire core knowledges and other abilities, however students become too involved in preparing for theoretical knowledge.

‘Any fool can know. The point is to understand.’ — Albert Einstein

Before making their advent into the professional…

How do you go-to-market quickly with the right offering when all you have is a project plan? How do you scale up an existing team that is focused on specific core functions for your organization? How do you hire and develop a dedicated team with new skill-sets that will enable you to achieve your business goals? At the same time, how do you retain control over the new team and their deliverables?

These somewhat searing questions impact organizations that are looking to undergo an operational or digital transformation — quickly and at a designated budget. …

Alexandre Sompheng

CEO of Ekino Vietnam (Havas CX — Havas Group) and Chairman of the EUROCHAM Digital Sector Committee.

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